While working for Women's Commission I happened to notice a news headline proclaiming Social crime a lady was At a place in 'Malapuram' . .

Mother of two was brutally pushed into streets led by few Muslim community leaders,.mercilessly beaten up and with ripped clothes, deliberately sheared her hair in presence of mob on streets and finally locked up in a room at home.

After reading this, the very next day I had reached out to my friends in and around the area to trace the oppressed. I approached the Muslim leaders who suppressed the lady to enquire about the incident and they answered “She is filthy..Let her die..” Though I spoke against the atrocities they did to her and violations of law they were not ready to confess nor change their attitude.

I then warned them that I would request police to intervene and take action; requested them to either compromise by let her free or hand over the key of the locked room. After a series of arguments they threw the keys towards me and cursed that I would suffer for this. I rushed to open the locked room and there found the oppressed lady weeping.

She confessed to me that she had no other choice to feed her 2 kids whom her husband abandoned. To save her from such a hopless life I asked her if she was willing to join me. Then she was sheltered in Abhaya with her kids. She served for the running of Abhaya and earned her living, earned some gold and together with Abhaya she could get them educated and married. Today she is much relieved after her responsibilities and has returned to her hometown and lives there peacefully.