On a busy night at the bus stand the young Muslim lady tired and with swollen eyes was enquiring to people around for an address jotted on a piece of paper. She finally reached out to the autorick driver to find out same. He finally figured out that she wanted to meet Sugadhakumari to find shelter at Abhaya

Same night, immediately the man took her to ‘Athani’ the shelter for women and dropped her safe there. Athani is a home open to helpless women anytime and so she was welcomed by the members there; they served her dinner and comforted her.

While she was explaining her story having dinner she fainted and started bleeding heavily. She was taken to hospital immediately.She was pregnant then and had fled from her hometown due to protests that broke out as this happened between a Muslim girl and a Hindu guy. To save her from all the riots and chaos her mother provided her with some money and asked her to move away and make herself safe.With the hope that she will be safe.

The lady was in critical state of health and urgently required blood of that same rare group. Abhaya then initiated its enquiry through all possible channels and contacts to find a donor and save her life.

Finally,a Christian brother of same blood group,who had already donated a week ago,stepped forward to save a Muslim lady’s life. The surgery was done on time.However, couldn’t save her twin girls in womb. The lady was brought back to her life by the timely help from a great person who helped Abhaya in need and its responsibility without any thoughts about religion or caste, is now none other Dr. Zacharia Mar Thiophillis, leader of a religious community

Let us all learn a lesson and imbibe a meaningful attitude from such examples